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Every generation has it’s heroes. Every century has those who are remembered. But only those truely great heroes have thier names and deeds echoed in eternity…

Dungeons older than memory. Green fields that stretch from one horizon to another. Mountains that reach above the clouds. Oceans seemingly deeper than space itself. This is the world that we live in.

Dragons take to the skies on thier massive wings. Crude humanoids stalk the landscape. Older, much darker things lurk inside every shadow. Men build thier cities and go to war. The gods watch on from above. Life goes on.

But for some, this is not enough. There are those who crave more than the dregs of a normal life. For them, no dungeon is too old to be explored. No field is too large to cross, no mountain too high to climb. Dragons can be slain, evil can be quelled. And perhaps the gods are not as far away as they may seem…

This is thier story. The story of adventurers from every possible walk of life who have come together for something greater. They are united under a single banner, and they are known as the FiendTooth Talons.

Home Page

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