A human wizard of mysterious origin. Neurotic, eccentric, and otherwise utterly insane. Despite this, he proves himself to be an accomplished wizard, and is believed to be one of the most intelligent humans to have ever lived.

If asked about his past, Ydoc will give two totally different accounts to two different individuals. Because of this, many suspect that even Ydoc himself does not know his true age or origin. Of course this defies all human logic, but then again Ydoc himself has never made any claim that he is truely human…

Ydoc lives in a vast tower that is in actuality a labyrinth which simply spirals up from the ground floor. Some say this reflects the wizard’s nature most perfectly, but even Ydoc himself often has trouble navigating its chambers and will, on occasion, simply blast his way through walls to get to where he needs to go. Ydoc is an incredible pack-rat and has kept nearly every item that has ever come into his possession. Thusly, almost every room in the tower is filled to the celing with piles of things. It has been said by those visiting the tower that there is even a chamber used specifically to store Ydoc’s lost body hair.

Most everyone is aware of his existence, if nothing else because of the legends that follow him (as mysterious legends seem to follow all powerful wizards). No one has asked of his services as a mage for many years as Ydoc is completely unreliable, helping only those he decides to on a whim, and doing the same for those he decides are enemies. He has been known to make and break alliances with entire kingdoms in a single day. None would dare try his patience, for his power as a wizard far outmatches that of any army. Yet still when dealing with the wizard, one walks a tight rope, since Ydoc seems to base his judgements purely on his current mood or whim. A popular story suggests that he once destroyed an entire city because a commoner said hello to him on the street.

Ydoc will often employ the services of people for many reasons, though some wonder why he simply could not do most things himself. This suggests that Ydoc is often busy doing something important in his tower or elsewhere, though none can guess if there truely is a method to his madness or if he is just one mage lucky enough to escape the nut house.


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